NUNAA Expeditions

Creating the website for premium expeditions to unique destinations around the world.


Bernstein GmbH




UX Strategy

Information Architecture


UI Design


NUNAA Expeditions is the new brand of a larger cruise travel agency. Instead of just focusing on the classic expedition cruises, NUNAA wants to make sure you are having an unforgettable experience, regardless of your type of travel.

All expeditions are premium trips, bringing customers to very special, unique, remote places all around the world, like the icy Arctic and Antarctica, jungles in Central America, etc.


We needed to make clear the premium nature of the offering, while also appealing to a broad range of users’ ages, making the website accessible and easy to use, highlighting the unique experiences one was to enjoy, etc.

To ensure a good balance between value and worth, we defined three focus areas:


Giving a good overview of all expeditions offered, as well as making expeditions easy to find and filter


The right amount of information presented in an enjoyable way. A structure that makes sense whether you know what you are looking for or not.


Always a short distance away from getting human help as well as further information, without having to go through the hassle of regular customer service.

Information Architecture

We realized early on that we did not need a typical main navigation if we made sure the search and filtering was done well.

Main considerations included categorization that could be reused throughout the page, search engine optimization, and ease of editing trips in the backend.


The wireframes were created on the basis of the focus areas and the information architecture.

Focus Area 1


What parts of the information architecture are most important to the user? How can we make that information enjoyable and easy to use? Those are some of the questions we tried to answer in this step.

Focus Area 2


Users come with different levels of knowledge about trips, ships, excursions, etc. Some have a lot of time at their hands while others are in a rush. The trips detail page must account for this, making it easy to find information needed.

Focus Area 3


How can we help people inquire about the trip wherever they currently are in the journey? Multiple methods of contact, the ability to schedule a call or meeting, as well as storing search pattern in a CRM (if you consent).


The design is premium and modern, with a focus on showcasing the unique experiences to enjoy at exclusive destinations.


The work on this website demonstrated how of a well-designed and thought-through information architecture can propel every step of the process. While not all the work is live yet, the forward-thinking approach will help the page to scale going forward.