In A Nutshell

Media Design

After highschool, I started studying Media Design dually in Ravensburg, Germany. At the same time I started working in a digital agency in Stuttgart.

Content & Experience

Content is the reason people visit your website. Experience is the reason they keep coming back. It’s a little bit more complicated than that, but find my thoughts below.


My biggest hobby is probably photography. For more than ten years I have been taking pictures now and next to traveling it’s my biggest inspiration.


My biggest inspiration is the time I get to spend in different countries with very different cultures, food, and languages. I just started to learn Chinese.


When I tell people I wrote my bachelor thesis about beer, they don’t believe me. But I actually did. I am always looking for new and different beers.


Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience
Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop
Adobe Certified Expert Lightroom
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Ads Search Certification
Google Shopping Ads Certification

Data & Content

Big Data and Content Marketing – two buzzwords that everyone talks about. Rarely are these two topics brought together. Why aren’t they? Both topics are indispensable in your (digital) strategy.

Data is collected to track events or actions
Content is created if we choose to create something

Now, how does it all come together? Here’s an example.

If you are writing a novel, you are creating content. You might use (fake) data to embellish your story. The number of people buying your book is data.

Let’s go the other way around. Data is collected in an Excel spreadsheet. The data is used to create an infographic so it becomes content.


When people outside our discipline hear the word experience, they often think about a thrill ride on a roller coaster. While that sure is an experience, too, the experience I mean goes far beyond a thrill ride.

Sometimes the more restrictive terms User Experience (short UX) or Customer Experience (or CX) are being used. I don’t like either of those terms, because the target person doesn’t have to be a user or consumer.

Experience is the summary of all encounters of a person with a product, a brand, etc.

Not all of these encounters are consciously perceived – a lot of them are unconsciously felt. In my opinion, the question whether a person experiences a brand in a satisfying way is one of the most important ones to ask. There isn’t an easy way to answer this question though.

Let us go back to my example above – the roller coaster ride. While the thrilling ride itself is probably a satisfying experience, separating the experience from the rest just doesn’t do. The experience doesn’t start when the roller coaster starts, and it doesn’t end when the ride is over.

Parts of the experience are the waiting in line, the walk in the park, some other rides, getting food, buying the tickets, and much more. In fact, the searching for adventure parks online, planning the trip to the park, and everything else are part of the experience a person undergoes with a brand.


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