WordPress is the most used Content Management Systems in the world.


Soft Hyphen

A soft hyphen is basically an optional hyphen. When inserting into a word, you’re basically telling the program to break here if necessary only.

Non-Breaking Hyphen

A non-breaking hyphen is a glyph which shows a hyphen but does not wrap to a new line.

Non-Breaking Space

A space between two words which does not wrap to a new line.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Line Breaks

The difference between both line breaks is that one creates a new paragraph and therefore a gap between both text lines, and the other one only moves the following to the next line without creating a gap.

Soft Line Break (Shift + Enter)

Line 1
Line 2

Hard Line Break (Enter)

Line 1

Line 2

User Roles

A simplified overview about the default user roles in WordPress.

Read Posts
Edit Posts
Publish Posts
Publish Pages
Manage Themes + Plugins, Add Users


Some of the plugins I use again and again because they just work.


Yoast Duplicate Post

Allows to clone posts of any type.

Post Types Order

Order posts and post types using drag and drop.

WP Last Modified Info

Show when posts have been last updated.

Safe SVG

Allow SVG uploads

Enable Media Replace

Replace files in the Media Library.



Create a bilingual or multilingual site.


(Paid) Create a bilingual or multilingual site.

SEO + Performance

Yoast SEO

All-in-one plugin for your search engine optimization.


Easily manage 301 redirects and keep track of 404 errors.

W3 Total Cache

Increasing website performance and reducing load times.


Password Protected

Password protect your site.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate auto-generated thumbnails.

Advanced Custom Fields

Add fields to posts, users, taxonomy, media etc.

Better Search Replace

Search / replace terms in the database.

User Switching

Swap between user accounts.

This article is neither painting a complete picture of the topic nor is it trying to. It serves as a mnemonic and notebook for Marvin.

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